Delivery of Fire, Emergency Service, Medical First Response and Related Emergency Services Implementation.

FD International has developed a responsive model that demonstrates our understanding of Life Safety, Incident Stabilization, Hazard Mitigation and Property and Environmental Conservation.

Management, Training, Implementation and Delivery of Fire Protection, Fire Prevention, Emergency Medical Response, Technical Rescue, Structural Firefighting, ARFF (aircraft rescue & fire fighting) Liquid Fuel Firefighting, Hazmat Response, Inspections and Maintenance are designed for complete personnel, asset, facility and infrastructure protection.

FD International will deliver these essential emergency services while meeting the standards and requirements set forth by:

  • National Fire Protection Association –NFPA
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration –OSHA
  • International Fire Service Accreditation Congress –IFSAC
  • Federal Aviation Administration –FAA

FD International has solely and collaboratively implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG’s), performance based training, Quality Assurance & Quality Control and reporting programs for several major United States metropolitan fire departments and private international company departments.

Successful long-term operations can be greatly enhanced during the transition period. FD International will embrace a partnering attitude with all entities involved for a positive working relationship throughout the transition period and onto normal operation duties. Communications will be a vital aspect of the ongoing relationship. Formal and informal communication can include scheduled and ad-hoc meetings, email, telephone, Skype and any other means of communications necessary.

The following is an example of a check list used for either a new service model or existing transition:

  • Implementation of Transition Team
  • OSHA Requirements
  • Safety, Quality, Risk and Mitigation
  • Local & State qualifications
  • Staff qualifications
  • Equipment
  • Delivery of Service
  • Local, state & federal Incident reporting
  • ISO – (Insurance rating standard for community)
  • Performance Verification

Please contact us to discuss your staffing and emergency response needs.