Pump Operations

Our dedicated, experienced instructors can come right to your department and train your operators on your departments own apparatus using FD International’s one of kind Fire Engineer Training Simulator.

Pump Operations Like No Other


  • Flowing 200,000 gallons of water a day, just for training
  • Flowing 4 attack lines and not have anyone holding fire hose
  • Being able to show an engineer what a catastrophic event looks like at the pump panel without endangering anyone
  • Doing it with minimal instructors
  • Imagine, being able to do all of this and not waste any water

Features of the Training Simulator:

Anything that can and does go wrong on the fire ground we can recreate . We give your drivers a real life experience in pump operations.

  • Transfer from Tank to Pressured Water Supply while flowing attack lines
  • Nozzle Opening & Closing
  • Hose Ruptures
  • Loss of Supply
  • Hose Kinks
  • Instant student feedback
  • Fully compatible for NFPA 1911 pump testing

The Simulator’s Computer can create any type of real world scenario that your department might encounter. With the click of a mouse, an instructor can turn an engineer’s world upside down! Most importantly, your student will come away from the experience with a greater understanding of the apparatus pump and what to do when things go wrong.

After the simulator is set up, an unlimited number of scenarios can be called up from the simulator’s computer. Although there is only 50 ft of hose deployed from 4 apparatus discharges, the instructor can choose from between 150 feet to 300 feet of hose for each one. The computer calculates the friction loss for the length of hose selected and then “looks” for and records the target or nozzle pressure. The student must then supply the correct pressure for the amount of hose the instructor has selected.

FD International also provides driver/operator promotional assessments. Using procedures specifically developed for promotional testing, the Fire Engineer Training Simulator can be set up to be fully and accurately repeatable for each candidate. We will work with your training, admin, & H.R. staff to develop department specific scoring for each scenario that is solely based on the candidate’s knowledge. The Fire Engineer Training Simulator’s on-board computer system captures all data resulting in an assessment that is non-contestable. Please contact us for more details and the promotional procedure.


FD International can bring the Fire Engineer Training Simulator to your Fire Department! Coupled with our online course, our highly qualified and experienced staff will instruct your drivers in all aspects of pump operations. Let your students see see pump theory and hydraulics in action, and most importantly, learn what to do when things go wrong.


Purchase your own FD International Fire Engineer Training Simulator. Each Simulator is custom built for your specific needs. The simulators are rated for your largest pump size. Standards are 1500 gpm, 2000 gpm, and 2500 gpm, with larger options available upon request. Simulators also meet and exceed the requirements of NFPA1911 for annual pump testing.

Additional Services

In addition to training and sales, FD International provides simulator leasing. We also provide consulting services for individuals looking to start up their own training and pump testing company. Please contact us using the form below to request more information.

Ask Us About the Texas HB2604 grant program for training & equipment

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Please contact us to discuss your pump operations needs.