Pump Operations

Our dedicated, experienced instructors can come right to your department and train your operators on your departments own apparatus using FD International’s one of kind Fire Engineer Training Simulator.

Pump Operations Like No Other


  • Flowing 200,000 gallons of water a day, just for training
  • Flowing 4 attack lines and not have anyone holding fire hose
  • Being able to show an engineer what a catastrophic event looks like at the pump panel without endangering anyone
  • Doing it with minimal instructors
  • Imagine, being able to do all of this and not waste any water

Features of the Training Simulator:

Anything that can and does go wrong on the fire ground we can recreate . We give your drivers a real life experience in pump operations.

  • Transfer from Tank to Pressured Water Supply while flowing attack lines
  • Nozzle Opening & Closing
  • Hose Ruptures
  • Loss of Supply
  • Hose Kinks
  • Instant student feedback
  • Fully compatible for NFPA 1911 pump testing
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUINj6SkSII target=”_blank”