Firefighters Guide To Electricity

This is not just a meter pulling class…

In today’s world, firefighters are faced with many electrical hazards. Alternate sources of power such as solar and wind pose new dangers to emergency responders.

FD International is the only fire training company offering complete training in electrical safety at your location!

Residential & Commercial Firefighter Electrical Safety

FD Internationals’ Residential and Commercial FireFighter Electrical Safety Course, known as Fire Fighters Guide to Electricity, is the result intensive research into the electrical hazards that firefighters face on almost every call. In 2013, over 1500 firefighter injuries were reported due to electric shock. This course does not do power company demonstrations but teaches fire fighters what they need to know to safely work around electricity and understand how to safely shut off electricity. The question we ask of students, “Prove to me its safe”.


  • What electricity is and where it comes from
  • The physiological hazards associated with electricity
  • How we control it
  • How we turn it off safely and prove that the scene is safe
  • Achieve a base knowledge of electricity and the components that control it.
  • Identify the components and know how they work.
  • Anticipate what will happen when working around electricity
  • Single & Three Phase meters
  • PME Primary Metering Equipment
  • Solar power and battery backup
  • Electric Generators
  • ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)
  • UPS (Un-interruptible power supply)

There has never been a training class like this offered to firefighters on electrical safety and yet it is a daily occurrence. There are situations where time is critical and the electricity hazard needs to be dealt with promptly. Whether there is an auto crash involving a power line or a house with a meter, if electricity is not handled correctly, it can present a very serious hazard.

In this one of a kind training you will learn about the Physiological effects of electricity, Conductors and Insulators, Residential and Multiple Occupancy structures including meters, Highway Utilities/Power, Aircraft hazards, Tool Safety and much more. It is vital to understand the nature of electricity and the language used like joule, Ohms and GFI circuits. The class includes overviews of NFPA 70, 101 and 1500.

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